Engaged: Bre and Kyle | Saint Anthony Main | Minnesota Sunset Engagement Photography

We shot Bre and Kyle’s engagement photography on a very busy evening in Saint Anthony Main. We had a few fun surprises that evening that made for some great photos. First was that I didn’t know they were bringing their year old Lab, Tank. Tank was still in typical puppy mode and nearly got away from us at one point, but their friend was there to handle him and caught him instantly. He’s such a good dog and takes wonderful photos.

Second, there is an area on Saint Anthony that we normally couldn’t access. We do a lot of shoots out there in the fall and winter and it was always blocked off. That night, it wasn’t, and the area was beautiful. Plus, it was just fun getting to search out a new area. Luckily for us, Kyle and Bre were more than willing to scout it out with us and shoot in a new area. We were very happy to work with them (and Tank) and are very excited to shoot their wedding in May.