Engaged: Kayla and John | Indian Mounds Park | Sunset Engagement Photography | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

So for some crazy unknown reason, this engagement session never made it to the blog. These two were married in Tofte last year and they are both such wonderful people to work with. John is actually a photographer as well, so it was really fun getting to shoot his wedding and talk like photo geeks half the time. This session was shot during golden hour at Indian Mounds Park after we went back and forth trying to find a good spot. We had never been here before, but randomly found it when searching around online for parks. It is beautiful for sunset, as you can see below.

One cool thing about realizing that we hadn’t posted this was getting to go back to a full session we shot years ago and seeing photos we had completely forgotten about. If you’re a photographer, I recommend doing that. If you have had photography done, I recommend doing the same, as you’ll find some great moments you completely forgot about.