Engaged: Theresa and Zak | St. Anthony Main | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This shoot was rescheduled originally, as when we were first going to shoot it, there was no snow. Theresa wanted snow for the engagement shoot and well, she got it.

Cut to nearly two feet of snow later and here we are on a bright morning, using snow covered Minneapolis as a backdrop. Theresa and Zak were so wonderful to work with. We hadn’t met yet, so we all met for a coffee at Spyhouse to get to know one another, which is always a fun place. We did what all Minnesotans do and talked about the weather and how it has affected all of us and then got to talking about their wedding in August. Aka: the exact opposite weather of this engagement session.

The two were total troopers through the cold and snow, and that included trudging through some really high snow and creeping downhill in it as well. It’ll be awesome to get to see them in August for their wedding.