Wedding: Erin and Tim | Eagan Community Center | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Erin and Tim were married on a very cloudy day in September, the perfect day for a wedding.

When the day began, we got there at the first look. Usually when we arrive at first look, we have to pull the couple away from their loved ones who are nervously touching up every last bit to make them absolutely perfect for the beginning of the day. I was texting Erin looking for her at the venue, when she told me that she was hiding out in the car in the parking lot. Both of them were completely set to go when we arrived, which was awesome. We spent a great day with their family and friends, taking photos, dancing, and eating tacos. Their day was a wonderful start to a busy wedding weekend.

Highlights from their day include:

  • Taco bar. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again - taco bars are the BEST at weddings. It was the third one of our wedding season and I can’t even tell you how fabulous tacos are at weddings. With one type of food, you have food for kids, food for those that don’t eat meat, and more. They’re so good and so easy to set up.

  • Erin’s mom did an Irish blessing during her speech.

  • There was a bunch of Irish stuff at the wedding - the redheads, the green in the clothing and cupcakes, and the blessing.

  • Erin and Tim read their letters to one another during the first look.

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