Engaged: Emily and Corbin | Schmidt Lofts | St. Paul Wedding Photographer

Why was this shoot so awesome? Cuz these two are little dorks like us. Seriously, we met with them for their consult and about 70% of the interview was talking about Star Wars, David Bowie, and music. All of which got brought up at the engagement session as well.

Emily and Corbin are getting married this summer and we cannot wait for their big day. They actually contacted us after we shot an interracial lesbian engagement session in the North Shore. They told us they liked that we were open minded about the people we photograph, which we were told tonight at a consult as well. The funny thing is, we never really thought about it. We just photograph people, regardless of their skin color, sexuality, etc. It’s just very touching that we have heard that people like us for caring about everyone we work with.