Wedding: Bri and Erik | Kellerman's Event Center | White Bear Lake Wedding Photographer

We’re probably going to be a touch bias on this wedding.

Bri and Erik were married on our eleventh wedding anniversary. When we met with them to book, it was hilarious. We spent maybe ten minutes out of an hour talking about the wedding. The rest was Bri and myself talking about horror movies and true crime. Cuz we’re those kind of dorks. Then we found out they were getting married the same day we did. Then, the day of the wedding, we found out they had the same kind of cake we did. They rock.

It was really funny that day though, the constant back and forth about the date. We walked in and the first thing said between us was Bri wishing us a happy anniversary. Right before we left, their DJ played our first dance song for us and they wished us a happy anniversary. We got our own dance and everyone actually cleared the dance floor, which I did not expect AT ALL.

We spent the day running all over White Bear Lake, taking photos with the leaves, the white bear statues, and more. The two of them were so enjoyable to work with.

List of vendors coming soon…