Wedding: Bridget & Luke | Creekside Farm Weddings and Events | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This was our last wedding of 2017, a New Years Eve wedding that was unbearably cold.  And we're not talking a little cold.  It is seventeen degrees below zero when we arrived that morning.  No one cared about that though, because this wedding was amazing.

There were a lot of elements of this day that made it amazing and made us happy to close out the year with it.  

First off, the location.  We have shot a lot of barn weddings in the last few years and much like any other type of venue, they're not all the same.  Creekside is certainly on the top tier of barn venues.  The biggest advantage to this barn, in my opinion, is the way they heat and cool it.  they know how to do it.  I can't tell you how many barns I have shot at that have been overwhelmingly hot once the guests arrive.  This place was perfect throughout the day and night.  That, and it's gorgeous.

Bridget gave Luke a Rolex for his wedding gift, which you can see below.  That was a great moment in the day.  His emotion can be seen in the photos and it's just so perfect.

My favorite part was that their wonderful dog, Graham, was a part of the wedding.  That dog was so well behaved.  At the beginning of the ceremony when the wedding party had all walked down the aisle, there was a pause and Luke whistled.  Graham came down the aisle and sat beside him throughout the entire ceremony and left after the party had left at the end.  I teared up a bit when he came down the aisle.  Such a good dog.

Also, these guys had caricaturists at their wedding.  That is SO fun.  It was wonderful day all the way around and such a great way to ring in the new year.

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