Wedding: Brittany & Justin | Mill City Museum | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

This was a very touching wedding to be a part of.  First of all, we had already shot their friends' Whitney and Brent's wedding a few months back.  The weddings were both booked at the same time, so we got to hang out with the same wonderful people on two different occasions.  Brittany's father had died just before the wedding, so they incorporated him into the day in several ways, ways that made us all, myself included, start crying at numerous points.  

Brittany had a piece of her dad's shirt sewn into her dress in the shape of a heart and wore a headpiece on the day that her mom had worn on her wedding day.  They also said a wonderful poem for him during the ceremony and had this father/daughter dance where a number of people stepped in for her father.  So moving - it was a little tough to get through.  

Their day was spent at Mill City Museum, making for amazing photography.  They were both very much into the industrial look and that venue nailed it.  I think everyone in Minneapolis loves shooting in that location.