Engaged: Tess and Eric | Lyndale Park Rose Garden | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Engagement photography, Minneapolis, MN. This was yet another shoot in which we were supposed to be rained out.  And not just a little drizzle either.  We are talking miserably rained out by massive thunderstorms.  It was pouring when we woke up that morning.  So it was a bit of a shock that it cleared up when we began shooting, only to start to downpour the minute we packed up.  Everything seemed to work itself out.  The majority of these were shot at or around Harriet Island, with many being shot at the Lyndale Park Rose Garden.  Although the roses weren't up yet, the tulips and the lilacs were in full bloom and absolutely beautiful.  It was impossible to not stop and take shots of those flowers during this shoot.  Although the area is very popular for photo shoots (how could it not be?), one shouldn't be discouraged by that.  Taking a beautiful environment and really making it your own can make for amazing imagery, regardless of who has shot their before.

Tess and Eric are great.  The two are getting married in August and we simply cannot wait to work with them again.  They are both such genuinely nice and fun people that it is a real joy to get to work with them.

Some great feedback we received from Tess a few days later:

"I was so excited to look at the photos I didn't even write back and say Thank you!! Thank you so much:) Next...wedding! "