Engaged: Amber & Tristen | Stillwater Engagement

Amber and Tristen were such a treat to shoot. The two are getting married in the fall and we simply cannot wait to shoot their wedding. Tristen is one of the few men we have taken photos of who has had no problem smiling for the camera. He and Amber seemed so happy and it made this shoot so much fun. The two are so clearly in love - it shows in the photos and that's what makes them so easy to work with. Fake emotion shows up so well on camera and that was not a problem in the least with this couple.  They are just so naturally happy, which are our favorite type of people to shoot.  It makes us happy as well.   The reason behind the Stillwater engagement shoot location was sweet as well because the day that Tristen proposed, the two took a little day trip to the city.  So it has a nice memory for them and we are happy to have captured another for them as well.  We had a number of great moments, such as waiting for traffic to clear on the bridge and booking into the street for that one shot we had all been looking to do while down there. This is our second Stillwater engagement shoot. Shooting engagement photos in Stillwater, MN is such a great experience because it is a beautiful area of the state. The riverfront is amazing and downtown is covered in brick, cobblestone, and more that makes it seem like you are in another time.  A photographer could visit the city numerous times in one given season and still be able to come up with fresh types of shoots every single time, making it easy to utilize.  This is not the first shoot we have done there and certainly will not be the last.