Wedding: Kristin & David | Loring Pasta Bar | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Kristin and David's wedding was an exceptionally entertaining wedding for a number of reasons. First and foremost being, the two of them. Both the bride and groom are awesome little geeks over music, comics, and more.  We actually booked their photography when shooting Comic Con, if that tells you anything.  Second being the venue and decor.  It is a lot of fun to do Loring Pasta Bar wedding photography.  The Loring Pasta Bar is an amazing place to have a wedding, as they are already beautifully decorated with year round Christmas lights, numerous colors, antiques, and more.  There is no need to bring in a whole lot of your own decorations.  Regardless, the two brought in some decor to make it specific to them.  Fans of Doctor Who will recognize the little blue police boxes adorning the tables.  The TARDIS was found as a table centerpiece and was also on the invitations and programs.  There were also many Green Lantern mentions. The two were incredibly laid back, as Kristin arrived to the venue in her dress and leather jacket, which was just adorable.  Although they held close to certain traditions and were quoted as saying that the ceremony was the favorite part of their wedding, they had a lot of fun.  The end of the night had Kristin and her bridesmaids posing in the streets of Dinkytown, which made for some incredibly fun shots.  Imagine wandering through the University of Minnesota and seeing a bride and her party laughing and running up and down the streets.  It made for a great evening.

"Totally professional. Well organized. Knew what they were doing. Gave a sense of trust. We just put ourselves in their hands, and those were good hands. Completely blown away with the quality of the images. Would recommend them to anyone. Good job. Rock and roll!"