Engaged: Jennifer & Eric | Stillwater Engagement Photography

Jennifer and Eric are getting married in May of 2015. We were happy to do their engagement shoot in the beautiful city of Stillwater. Stillwater, MN, for those who have not been there, has this incredible historic feel to it. It seems to be trapped somewhere else in time. So to be able to do Stillwater engagement photography is a serious treat. Jennifer and Eric were incredibly fun to deal with. To be honest, we have had nothing but fun clients. At first, they were a bit out of sorts, as they weren't used to having photos taken. However, after about thirty minutes of shooting, we were all just joking around and shooting. The fun really shows in these photos. The two are always joking and having a good time with one another - they're just plain fun to be around.

As you can tell, there are a lot of different spots in Stillwater to shoot, yet these were all shot within a few blocks of one another. The shoots range from the beautiful St. Croix River to Leo's Grill and Malt Shop, and several lovely historical buildings. To finish the shoot, we were wandering down an alleyway, when we had to adjust the cameras. Jennifer and Eric were talking to one another and started dancing in the street. We got a few accidental shots of this moment between them, which was so sweet and something that was not set up. Those are the sort of photos that we feel are the best.