Wedding: Kristin & Paul | Christos - Union Depot | Saint Paul, MN Wedding Photographer

Kristin and Paul are the most laid back couple we have shot to date.  Upon meeting them, they told us they both hated being photographed, so it proved a special challenge.  However, one wouldn't have known that on their wedding day. This wedding took place in January in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Aka, one of the coldest times of the year.  It hit twenty degrees below zero surface temperature the night of the reception and the two braved the cold.  Even when we met them that morning, it was freezing out, yet we managed to take beautiful shots outside of The Union Depot in Saint Paul.  Kristin specifically wanted a shot of a snowball fight and knowing how cold it was going to be, her bridesmaids were dressed in homemade mittens and faux fur stoles.

They were married in the Fort Snelling Chapel, but made their way back to Christos at The Union Depot for the reception.  The reception was incredibly beautiful, decorated with candles, rose petals, and a forest theme for centerpieces.  Being big Star Wars fans, the wedding party all had small light sabers, ones that stayed with them throughout the dinner.  When they arrived at the reception, the wedding party held up the sabers, in which the couple walked under to enter the building.  That set the tone of a great night.

Throughout the evening, a Greek dinner was had, followed by ice cream for desert.  Guests danced and played fussball and other games provided by Christos.  Despite the incredibly cold temperatures outside, the wedding and reception made for an unforgettable fun night.

“My husband and I knew that finding a wedding photographer that we like would be hard, because both of us HATE taking photos, especially posing for them! We wanted to find a fun, easy going photographer that was budget friendly and would provide us with fun, laid back portraits (we knew we needed a few at least) and beautiful candid photos!  RKH images was perfect! Kyle and Tracy are both wonderful people, with great sense of humor and easy going attitude that made everything fun! We got great photos of both me and my husband looking happy and relaxed… which was amazing (and I’m sure difficult as I literally unconsciously looked away every time the camera aimed at me!)”