Wedding: Katie & Andy| St. Paul Embassy Suites | Saint Paul Wedding Photographer

Who doesn't love a wedding on New Year's Eve? Katie and Andy married at the St. Paul Embassy Suites on New Year's Eve.  The ceremony was during the day, so we met with them in the morning to shoot the ceremony.  The ceremony was small and had a very intimate and loving feel to it.  It was the type of wedding that felt like everyone was part of the family, not separated as friends and more.  Seeing Katie that morning was so uplifting as she didn't stop smiling the entire day.  Anyone could tell that this couple was very much in love and were incredibly excited to start their life together.  A highlight of the ceremony was when the two place love letters to one another in a box that they nailed shut.  The box would be opened later in life and the letters read, as part of a cultural tradition.

Considering the date of the wedding, the reception was to take place later that evening so that they could ring in the new year while celebrating.  That split the day for us as photographers, which was new to us.  We returned to the Embassy Suites when the sun set and found ourselves in an entirely new place.  Instead of the intimate ceremony of the morning, there were now many more people there to congratulate the couple and dine and dance.  There were a variety of people there from various cities, as Katie and Andy are themselves from Chicago.  They had friends and family from Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Chicago, and several other areas of the country.

Katie and Andy were adamant in their want for outdoor photos and we have to give them credit for going through with it, as it was well below zero that night.  We didn't think they would be up for it, but nothing could cut through their happiness that night, even the extremely bitter Minnesota winter weather.  The major highlight of the evening was when Andy and his grooms men decided to surprise Katie with a rap they had written for her.  It was beyond impressive and certainly something we had never seen at a reception before.  The remainder of the reception included a mix of hip hop and rap stylishly mixed by their chosen DJ, a man who still uses vinyl for his profession.  When 2013 switched over to 2014, the guests of the reception toasted the new year and the couple.  What a way to ring in the new year.

A note from the bride and groom:

“We booked RKH Images for our New Year’s Eve Wedding and are so glad we did! Kyle was incredibly professional, flexible, patient, and responsive during the whole process. Because Kyle and Tracy are so personable and easygoing, our shoot felt organic and comfortable, and the photos reflect that. We had a blast working with them and loved our photos! Would recommend them for any type of event!”