Engaged: Bri & Erik | Stillwater, MN | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This was shot when it was getting cold last year, yet another one of our late entries for the blog, but hey...

We cannot WAIT to shoot this wedding.  These two are awesome, for so many reasons.  First off, they are getting married on our eleventh wedding anniversary, so kudos for picking a great date.

Second, is probably my favorite reason.  So, Bri had essentially decided we were going to be their photographers before we even met.  Which is awesome, but we still really like to meet and see if it's a match.  It's a match.  We met up and I find out that Bri is way into horror movies and true crime, two things that pretty much own my life.  We sat and talked about multiple horror films for about thirty minutes before we finally were like, "Oh, do you want to look at our books?".  It was hilarious.  Then at the engagement session, we just struck up a conversation about Stranger Things like I had been talking to her all day.  

On top of all that, the two are really fun.  They just had a great time at the engagement session and their wedding is going to be wonderful.