2016 Wedding Photography Goals

Minneapolis Wedding Photography - Becca & Justin - RKH Images-17
Minneapolis Wedding Photography - Becca & Justin - RKH Images-17

To do better in any business, and generally in life, you need to have goals.  They project you forward.  This blog is all about both my and Kyle's goals in our wedding photography for the year of 2016 (and 2017 due to how fast we are booking up).  We love to tell everyone's story through photography and a wedding is the best time to do that.  It tells a full love story of a couple in only a few hours.  The great thing is that no two stories are the same and we are incredibly eager to showcase many more.

Wedding goals we are looking to achieve

  • More international destination weddings
  • More destination weddings within the US (primarily CA, NY, WA, and FL)
  • More same sex marriages
  • Heavily tattooed weddings
  • Weddings with wedding dresses that are colored something other than white (this is just FUN)
  • Themed weddings
  • More winter weddings
  • Christmas themed weddings
  • Indian weddings

We would love to work with you!  Feel free to check out the site and contact us if you are interested.


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