Portraits: Ashely and Megan | St. Paul, MN

This was a really fun shoot.  Ashley and Megan were the winners of our Pride contest in 2014, in which they won a free photo shoot with us.  We do a free LGBT based photo shoot contest each year, as well as offer a discount on same sex weddings throughout the month of June, as human rights are something we feel very strongly about.  They were both just lovely people and the shoot was great.  As you can see from the images, they weren't tough to shoot.  The emotion is all very clear and really makes the imagery.  It goes to prove what we are always saying.  What you are feeling will show up on camera, so if you are genuinely happy, you will see it, regardless of anything. Megan_Ashley (16 of 46) Megan_Ashley (27 of 46) Megan_Ashley (37 of 46) Megan_Ashley (41 of 46)