Wedding: Adrian & Eric | St. Paul, MN

There are a lot of things to be learned from this wedding.  Perhaps the most simple is that, Minnesota winter wedding photos are something one can achieve.  Not only can they achieve them, but they can be incredibly beautiful and unique.  So before you go waiting until at least May to have your wedding, take into account the imagery you may be carrying with you forever. This wedding had another, much more significant, element to it.  We met with Adrian over a year prior to her wedding date.  We planned everything out and were very excited to be shooting.  A week prior to the actual wedding, we meet again, only to see that there has been a slight alteration to the plans.  In the midst of planning for a wedding, she also had to begin to plan for a baby, as she became pregnant during the planning period.  Not only that - she was due a week after the wedding.  We were all pretty good natured about this.  After all, there is nothing you can do, so we just planned another way.

The day comes and all goes well until the receiving line.  What happens?  The bride becomes overheated with all the people and passes out.  The groom was actually apologizing to us because we had all planned on doing sunset photos with them.  At this point we were just asking, "Are you kidding?  Don't worry about it."  It turns out that we were able to later utilize the beautiful Christmas lights that were strung up around downtown St. Paul at night for some lovely night time photography.  So if you are ever stuck in a bind when it comes to weddings, don't worry.  Things will work out.  Even back up plans fall through.  In this case, we had to come up with a third plan and were very happy with the result.

A little note from the couple:

“I am so happy that we chose RKH Images as our photographers for our wedding. They were so easy going and fun to work with, yet also very professional. There wasn’t a long turn around for our pictures and they turned out amazing!! We plan to work with them again very soon.”